Effects Of Population Pollution Essay

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Population around the world is growing rapidly each year, which is unfortunately causing negative impacts on the environment. Each day the air around us is becoming more polluted as the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere caused by human activities increases each day. As population continues to gradually increase, it is causing harmful effects in terms of air pollution. An increase in the number of people directly varies with the pollution that is emitted into the environment. Moreso, the human population is polluting the air due to the use of vehicles such as cars, trucks, and planes which use gasoline or natural gas to produce electricity in order to power the vehicles which is causing pollution to exude into the…show more content…
“For instance, even on the last Diwali day which fell on October 18, smoke caused due to the bursting of fire crackers was alarming in Delhi where it was banned by the court.” The use of fireworks can cause vast amounts of air pollution. Additionally, humans are not aware of the serious impacts that air pollution can cause. If the population continues to increase around the world, then the amount of air pollution is going to continue to increase. A majority of the individuals globally pollutes the air in some way. Air pollution can have a serious impact on the health of the human population. “Air pollution kills 3.3 million people a year worldwide, including 55,000 Americans, according to a new study by an international group of scientists.” This is becoming a serious problem. An immense amount of deaths in the world is caused by the polluted air that humans are breathing. One of the major causes of air pollution is the use of vehicles among humans. Large vehicles such as trucks, planes, and cars emits large amounts of carbon dioxide into the air. Correspondingly, this causes extensive amounts of pollution to enter into the atmosphere; therefore, in order to prevent further deaths and health problems due to air pollution, the use of vehicles needs to be cut down to avoid the extensive amounts of carbon dioxide to enter into the atmosphere. This issue of the effect of overpopulation on air pollution needs to be addressed to the public in order to prevent
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