Effects Of Pot And How It Effects Society

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Seth Dubois
Mrs. Wakeling
World Literature
27 January, 2017
The effects of Pot and how it effects society Pot has the lasting impact to effect society in many wrong ways. The overall problem of this substance is that it can be related to crime and doing bodily harm in a long term sense. Marijuana effects the society in a mixed way because it has medical strengths, yet is associated with long term affects with the youth and crime. There are many things most people don 't know about marijuana. Marijuana, also known as the scientific term for “delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol” (Noonan 2) is something that has a long lasting problem with society. It is shredded leaves and flower buds from the Hemp plant (Cox 1). It is something that when you
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6.7% of 12-17 year olds have admitted to daily use (International 1). This is a scary fact because the teen brain is still maturing at those ages and can be a very delicate time in that persons life. Since smoking pot can effect the brains memory it can make the teen less intelligent. That can lead to a loss in production and motivation, making it harder to achieve success in life. 94 million people in the US have admitted to trying it once in their life and 62% of them went on to try other drugs (International 1). Pot is considered a “gateway drug” to other drugs. Drugs are bad and if Americas youth goes on to trying different drugs, that can lead to many bad outcomes. Marijuana has a reputation for inciting crime and effecting Americas youth. Marijuana has been used medically for decades now. It is one of the best organic medical herb out there. CBD is a chemical in the plant that makes its medical value significant (Rodriguez 1). Yet since the plant offers a "high" sensational feeling, it can be amongst one of the many drugs that are seen selling from street corner to street corner. It can be seen illegally smuggled from county line and border. Arrests for pot is the most for any drug (Race 2). There is more crime in the states that have not yet legalized pot. The more reason for that is because people who want to use it have to smuggle it into
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