Effects Of Poverty On Human Development

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Poverty can be defined in a variety of ways. However, it is certain that there is no definite definition alone that would equally suffice to be the meaning of poverty everywhere in the world. Poverty is something real and something that should not be ignored. To define poverty, we shall take in consideration its impact on human development as well as other factors, such as financial stability. Poverty should be defined not only by how it is measured but by how it co-exists with a delay or an impact on childhood and human development. The effect of poverty on human development include: arising health issues that are due to food deprivation and lack of health care, physical health risks, mental problems, scarce education, poor…show more content…
Often, due to various factors, but mostly because of health issues the poor have a lower life expectancy.
Moreover, the physical health risks are increased greatly the longer a child stays in poverty. “Physical health risks associated with childhood poverty include,” as Dearing and Wade state, “elevated blood lead levels, chronic illness, and growth retardation.” For example, I would say that those who have less access to materialistic things are prone to exposure of lead. Lead can be found in toys, soil, pottery, and even in herbal remedies. In the case where medications are scarce, herbal remedies would be more convenient and exposure to lead would be more susceptible. As far as illnesses, diseases that are seen in poverty areas can include malaria, tuberculosis, AIDs, etc. Those diseases are less often seen in developed countries due to studies and having vaccinations readily available.
Not only are physical health risks associated with poverty, but also, there are mental problems seen in correlation. Poor children, “have both internalizing (depression) and externalizing (aggression) behavior problems.” (Dearing & Wade). Poverty affects a child’s mental stability. It causes stress which can lead to mixed emotions furthering complications of depression and aggression. Depression and aggression can overpower

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