Effects Of Power In Julius Caesar

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As human beings, it is very easy to become corrupted by power. Power changes people, and it has been that way ever since the beginning of time. Some prime examples of how power corrupts would be Brutus from the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Jim Jones the “cult” leader, and Abby Lee Miller the reality TV star from “Dance Moms”. These people show how obsession over fame and control can essentially change their character and their lives. Over the course of the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, readers can see how Brutus’s character changes from the effect of power. In the beginning, Brutus was a simple man. He had loved Caesar, and had somewhat of a respect for him. The reader can see that when Brutus states, “I would not Cassius,…show more content…
Much like Brutus, Jones was consumed by the desire of being a leader. And with this, it altered his mind and character. Gordon states, “He projected the rage he felt within himself and the treachery of his own psyche onto others” (2017). Jones idolized command and dominance. It made him do preposterous things. Power ruled him, and it changed him. Additionally, Abby Lee Miller, from the hit reality TV series “Dance Moms”, is becoming depraved from the result of her publicity and fame. She started out just a simple dance teacher in Pittsburg, and now with the help of her show, she is living a drastically different life, just not what she had hoped for. Fame and fortune left her selfish and cruel. Fox News expresses, “The “Dance Moms” star was known for her brash behavior and pursuit of perfectionism from her dance students. The Lifetime show follows a class of Miller's elite students and the perilous relationship she has with the girls' mothers. Critics of "Dance Moms" accuse Miller of being emotionally abusive toward the girls, and many episodes show her students dissolving into tears after a harsh critique” (1). Miller went from nothing to everything, and that took a toll on herself and the people around her. The nature of her actions changed when she started to gain publicity and
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