Effects Of Prolonged Sexual Abuse On Youth And Children

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Abstract As the internet expands and the United States becomes a more interconnected nation through the use of computers, the conversation of sexual abuse has opened up a bit more. More and more people are discussing the events of sexual assault. There also appears to be a slight increase of support towards victims and the idea of speaking out. However, even if one was persuaded by this, essentially, web based support, there is a portion of untapped victims that, for the most part, are unable to encounter the internet world; children and preteen youth. Within my paper, I will provide a plan to counteract prolonged sexual abuse in youth and children. Introduction According to The National Center For Victims of Crime, “Self-report studies…show more content…
There is very rarely, if at all, formal discussions explaining how to approach the situation. As a sexual assault survivor, I, myself, noticed a lack of knowledge on how to approach the situation. I was not sure who to go to, what to say, how to speak up and now I wish to provide a path for current victims to do so. Sexual Education isn’t taught often within many schools and if it is, there is almost never any information regarding sexual assault. To add to the issue, those who do seek justice aren’t always granted it. Convictions for sexual assault can be quite rare. It is often word against word due to lack of physical evidence. Even those who once had scars, often speak up when they are later in age, after the scars are long gone. That is one of the reasons it is crucial for a child to speak up as soon as it happens. These things often isolate the victim and adds to the idea of there being no way out. Research Design/Procedure As a solution to the issue, I would like to incorporate safe environments within schools that encourage speaking out against sexual abuse, or any type of abuse for that matter. I would like to place an 8 week course with Sumner Elementary School. Classes will take up about 30 minutes of instruction time at least once a week, dedicated to going about sexual abuse. The first tests will take place with
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