Effects Of Racial Profiling And Police Brutality

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What has happened to police officers? Aren’t they supposed to be protecting the people, not killing them or going against them? Racial profiling and police brutality are two major issues in the world today. Body and dash cameras are set up but proper punishment is not afforded to the police officers. We, as the civilians, deserve better from our first responders which in this case are the cops. Due to recent increases in incidents between officers and civilians, the federal government needs to make the laws on police brutality less tolerant.
Racial profiling has been a monstrous issue in the United States over the past few years. Black people are twice as likely to be profiled by police than a white person is (Moore). I have a friend who is black and he has told me numerous times that cops were following him on the way to my house. He got pulled over a few weeks ago driving through Seekonk because one of his headlights were out. The police officer who pulled him over had him step out of the vehicle and stand against the car. The cop called another officer who showed up for backup. My friend doesn't look dangerous and he isn’t dangerous. He is clean cut and he speaks strong English. This proves that many police officers just go after people because they feel threatened by the color of their skin. Many cops just assume you’re dangerous if your skin is a darker color. In May of 2013 Rufus Scales and his younger brother were driving in their pickup truck. They got pulled over

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