Effects Of Racism On African American Children

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Most people will agree that a name is a very important identity for a person. Beautiful names are usually given to lovely babies. Unpleasant names, however, are often criticized as bad images for people having them. Many children with “ugly” names face discrimination at school and are isolated or beaten by other children. People may wonder why parents can give that kind of “ugly” names to their children while other parents give their children nice and wonderful names. In fact, there are many factors that affect how parents will name their children, and the three main factors are culture, convenience, and socioeconomic status. Culture has a very great impact on naming. One example is that racism strongly affects the naming of African American children. A large percentage of African American babies do not have the same names as White babies. There may be two reasons for this action: African American parents want to separate themselves and their children from the White community or they want to make a mark that their children have distinct names which are not copied from others. For whichever reason, the African American culture does influence how black parents feel about naming children. Another example that reveals naming directly connects with cultural identity is the way Vietnamese people name their children. In Vietnamese culture, each family usually creates a family tree, which records the names and order of all family members generations to generations. To show

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