Effects Of Religion On Manifest Destiny

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Have you ever wondered how you got to where you are sitting today, or how your parents came to live where they are living? Have you ever wondered how your great ancestors got to America? Our ancestors paved the way to this country that we call home. They believed that the American expansion was inevitable and predestined by God to happen. The purpose of this paper is to examine the effects of religion on Manifest Destiny, the relocation of the Native Americans, and the acquisition of land from East to West coast. The Manifest Destiny was influenced by many things but religion being one of the most important. From the beginning, religion and the spreading of Christianity were always among the driving forces for the North American…show more content…
They soon found other humans who have always lived there which they called “savages.” These “savages” are what we now know as Native Americans or Indians. The Native Americans would soon suffer the consequences of the Puritans journey to expand western across North America. In the beginning, the Puritans and Native Americans were living on the new-found land in peace. They were even sharing their different techniques for farming and building. As the years went on and the English men became greedy for land, the Native Americans were being pushed out of their native lands. Most of the Indian tribes such as the Creek, Cherokee, Choctaw, and the Chickasaw had built their communities along the Mississippi River.4 The white settlers or Puritans began to want the land around the Mississippi River because they felt it would be very good grounds for farming, housing cattle, and harvesting timber. Because the white settlers thought that this expansion was destined by God, they felt that the removal of the Indians from the fertile land would be rationalized. In 1830, president
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