Effects Of Rumor On Rumor Transmission

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Rumors are a piece of everyday life; they zoom across the workplace, fly in the streets, and dash across the internet. According to DiFonzo, “Rumors are unverified information statements that circulate about topics that people perceive as important… used by people attempting to make sense or to manage risk” (241). Rumors are created to satisfy the emotional wants and needs of a specific group of people and because of these wants and needs, people reject certain truths and facts that contradict their ideology and worldview. Belief and anxiety have a direct relationship to rumor transmission due to a person 's wants and needs, propaganda, ideology, bias assimilation, and cognitive dissonance. In Pezzo and Becksteads “A Multilevel Analysis of Rumor Transmission”, the psychologists find that rumor anxiety and situational anxiety have an effect on rumor transmission. If anxiety is associated with a rumor, people are likely to pass it on because they believe the rumor themselves. DiFonzo declares that rumors arise in times when there is a threat or potential threat because questions are unanswered, information is missing, or there is no clear communication (243). According to Pezzo and Beckstead, there are three types of anxiety: situational anxiety, rumor-specific anxiety, and trait anxiety. Situational anxiety is when situations produce more anxiety than others, rumor-specific anxiety is when topics themselves cause more anxiety than others, and trait anxiety is when a few
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