Effects Of School Achievement On Children

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School achievement outcomes are also life impacting. Often the only way out of poverty is an education that can provide them with a job which can meet their income needs. If a child’s school achievement is affected by poverty, they have a higher chance of dropping out and continuing poverty in their generation. Effects of school achievement are measured by if the child has repeated a grade, suspended or expelled, and/or dropped out before graduating. A large amount of children that live in poverty will repeat a grade due to limit educational tools to provide them with practice at home. If the child has behavior problem, then they may be expelled for acting out or misbehaving, this affects their learning as they are not in class learning. The percentage of children living poverty that are affected by school achievement outcomes are 2-3 times greater than children not living in in this state of being. Emotional or behavior outcomes are measured by tantrums, outbursts and aggression, this usually persist beyond the normal age range expected. Poor children suffer from emotional and/or behavior outcomes more often than children living in non-poverty. These effects are displayed at school and at home, occasionally in public places such as the mall, and causes disturbances such as violence. Emotional problems also include internal problems such as anxiety and depression, which can cause the child to disassociate themselves from social opportunities. These children are often…
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