Effects Of School Design And Building Age On Student Learning

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The Effects of School Design and Building Age on Student Learning When considering student outcomes in schools, much of the emphasis is placed on quality teachers, curriculum and socioeconomic factors. While these factors may be significant, the environment in which the students are placed has a direct impact on student learning and success as well. With school building age increasing, and school funding decreasing, it is imperative to understand and prepare for future maintenance needs while considering environmental factors that will facilitate student achievement. Moreover, in many school systems, students attend school in buildings that endanger their health, safety, and learning opportunities (U.S. DoED, 2000). Many of the schools…show more content…
By isolating the independent variables in aging buildings that may be causing lower achievement scores, an obtainable solution can be proposed. Ventilation While considering factors that may be affecting student achievement, it is paramount to consider ventilation. Because proper ventilation and updating HVAC systems can be one of the costliest repairs for a school district, it is often delayed or avoided altogether. It is well known that all living beings need fresh air to survive and thrive in an environment. In schools, ventilation is necessary to ensure that all contaminants are removed or reduced for the safety of both students and staff. These contaminants come from people breathing, sneezing, coughing, skin cells, particles from clothes, cleaning supplies, perfumes and other harmful agents that can build up over time. Many classrooms are small, confined spaces that are increasing in numbers as the population grows. Schools need good ventilation because children breathe a greater volume of air in proportion to their body weights than adults do and because schools have much less floor space per person that is found in most office buildings (Schneider, 2002). Of particular interest is that asthma is one of the most reported side effects of poor ventilation. It could be of
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