Effects Of Self Congruity And Multifactorial Gender Identity Essay

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The Effects Self-Congruity and Multifactorial Gender Identity in Advertising
Market segmentation is a process that is used to make the selling of goods or services more efficient and profitable. By dividing a large and diverse population into smaller groups, marketers can craft persuasive messages designed to target a specific audience. Examples of these categorizations are age, race, socio-economic status, geographic location, occupation, and gender. These demographic distinctions inform every part of the marketing process, from product conception and design all the way to advertising message content. In addition, this process also aids the consumer in making purchasing decisions. Because living in a society driven by consumerism requires seemingly constant deliberation between various goods and services, the categorization of products in this manner can decrease cognitive load and speed up the decision making process (Sandhu, 2016).
However, this market segmentation process has social and cultural consequences. While marketers can use this technique to successfully identify inter-group differences that can then be strategically addressed, it may also exaggerate, exacerbate, and even create differences that can be unnecessarily divisive at best and in some cases cause severe harm. One example of this is the construction of gender differences to create demand where it wouldn’t exist otherwise. Identical objects and their packaging are given different colors, shapes,

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