Effects Of Short Term Cognitive Training On Episodic Memory And Executive Functioning

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The Effects of Short Term Cognitive Training on Episodic Memory and Executive Functioning in Healthy Seniors As humans begin to get older, there is a strong association between age change and the decline of cognition. This a concern that many individuals have as they start to get older, especially with the media coverage that Alzheimer’s disease has been getting. There are many causes of this decline, and it often varies highly between individuals based on their lifestyle and physical activity level (Brown AK, Liu-Ambrose T, Tate R, Lord SR, 2009). Degenerate diseases such as Alzheimer’s can also be a major cause of cognitive decline and are common in elderly populations. There are many who are looking to improve or maintain their cognitive abilities or those of a loved one, as there is an expectation that even in old age, one should be as physically and mentally fit as they can be. The human brain is very adaptive and has the capability to improve functioning even if it has been impaired (Vas, A. K., Spence, J., & Chapman, S. B. ,2015). I am looking to see if cognitive training can improve these basic brain functions in the elderly. This study will look to find a way to decrease the consequences of cognitive decline that is either premature or more severe than the natural decline of mental capacity. These benefits could also apply to the prevention of cognitive decline in younger individuals. I will utilize the gist and cognitive function measuring techniques of Vas,…
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