Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On College Students

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A great deal of students experience issues related to sleep when coming to college. These issues in sleep can be related to stress, going out and coming home late, or difficulties in adjusting to the college life. There are many ways college students are able to seek help for their difficulties in sleep. Sleep deprivation cannot only cause fatigue but also health issues such as a weakened immune system. College is said to be one of the best times of someone’s life, but with sleep difficulties it is hard to enjoy all that college has to offer. With the help of peer educators, it is easier to raise awareness and provide help to college students on ways to deal with sleep difficulties.
Within the social ecological model I would like to aim prevention at the community level. The community level impacts the environment surrounding the targeted population. If the prevention is for college students it is wise to aim for the community in which the students interact on the most, the college campus. On the college campus, peer educators are able to set up tables to raise awareness on the issues with sleep difficulties. If a school’s wellness center is able they can offer free or reduced sleep studies. Another way that peer educators can aim to reach college students on campus is to hold interactive functions such as bingo or a corn hole game where one learns about the complications with sleep difficulties by being difficult.
Many students do not realize how sleep impacts them until
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