Effects Of Smartphones On Teenagers

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The widespread use of smartphones has seriously affected the behavior and mental health of teenagers. The smart phone fundamentally changes the daily life of teenagers, from social interaction to mental health. Adolescent depression and suicide rates increased significantly. This deterioration is largely related to the use of mobile phones. Today's youth and friends spend significantly less time together, fewer appointments and fewer hours of sleep, thus increasing loneliness. Teenagers who use electronic devices for three hours or more a day are more likely to kill themselves than the average person. I checked the online, now the boy a lot of depression but the proportion of adolescent girls depression than boys, youth suicide rate is very high, these are related to the use of mobile phones. The use of social networks has made teenagers less and less happy. They spend less time with their real-life friends and spend more time on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. If the use of electronic equipment two hours a day or more, will have a significant impact on mental health and sleep time, and now, teenagers use electronic equipment every day the average time is 2.5 hours. Therefore, proper use of time can help prevent young people from falling into the vortex of bad habits. The risk of cell phone radiation is generally believed to be: first, to double the risk of brain cancer. Using a cell phone is more harmful than smoking to the human body. People
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