Effects Of Smoking On The Mind And Body

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the past century smoking has been integrated into our society, and it has been lingering

without any uproar. The beginning of the 20th century was a time where smoking cigarettes was

something a doctor would do in a hospital after surgery. Smoking was so common around that

time youths were even indulging into the harmful habit with no penalties. In today’s time, there

is a significant amount of awareness to the destructive nature of smoking, and any other tobacco

product. Science has reached many heights, and each year we learn more about tobacco and its

harms.This paper is designed to highlight significant harms of tobacco smoke, to walk through

the withdrawal process, and present the reader the steps the body goes through to detox itself and

repair any damage caused by the smoke inhalation.

Smoking: It’s Effects on the Mind and Body


The proportion of smokers who say they would like to give up smoking is lower for smokers

aged 50 and older (57 percent) than for smokers aged 18-29 (68 percent) and 30-49 (67 percent)(

Gallup, 1989). Smoking can slither into our lives by various ways. It can be a social tranquilizer,

it can come from other drug usage, from depression, or just a general curiosity. No matter how

you contracted the urge to smoke, it is all downhill from that moment onwards. Most people who

start smoking do not feel the harmful effects right away, but the other troubling part is that

nicotine one of the

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