Effects Of Smoking On The United Kingdom

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People around the world have made tobacco a lifestyle, though several countries put usage and sales restrictions as well as warning messages printed on the packing. Tobacco contains nicotine which causes physical and psychological dependency. People get addicted to it and this not only effects their physical health but also in adverse psychological and behavioral changes. It is one of the causes of people in the country falling sick apart from poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, excessive alcohol intake. In United States annually around 443000 premature deaths occur due to exposure to tobacco and cigarette smoking. In 2013, a large study of women in United Kingdom has shown that women in their 50s, 60s and 70s who are addicted to smoking, two out of three die only because of smoking. According to researchers, smokers lose 10 years of their lifespan only because of their smoking habit but added that smokers who quit before the age of 40 years were able to avoid 90% of early deaths caused by continued smoking and if women quit before the age of 30, they could avoid 97%of early death caused by their smoking habit.

Usage of tobacco can lead to many serious health ailments. Some of them are as below Cancer: Tobacco smoking is one of the major causes of cancer deaths and women who smoke are 26 times more likely to die because of lung cancer when compared to those who donot have the habit.

Tobacco use causes increased risk of lung cancer,…
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