Effects Of Smoking On Young People Essay

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Content • Background • Introduction • The causes o Advertisements and marketing o Peer pressure o Parent or role models smoke o It’s cool • Health and effects o Health diseases o Waste of money o Waste energy • Possible solutions o Nicotine gum o Advertisement on risk of smoking o Age limits of purchasing cigarettes o Warning labels o Awareness campaigns • Reasons for quitting o Smoking is addictive o Smoking kills o Smoking is expensive • Benefits of quitting o General health improves o More energy o Save money o Sense of taste and smell improves o Set an example for young people • Conclusion CAUSES OF SMOKING ON TEENAGERS Background information Tobacco intake one of the main source of death that could be avoided worldwide, taking lives of 6 million people yearly and to reach approximately 8 million death per year by 2020 globally. It is imperative to note that, tobacco smoking has never had a safe level and majorly increases the risk factor for utmost chronic illnesses including blood disease, stroke, protracted respiratory diseases and most of the cancer related diseases. Mass-produced of cigarettes have become most common type of tobacco consumed by many, with a daily sale of up to 15 billion cigarettes a day, other kinds (like chewing tobacco available in southern part of Africa, partly in Asia - known as Shisha and Middle East) most of them are common in particular areas. The study has shown that the life expectancy of a smoking person is always lessen by seven

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