Effects Of Social Exclusion On Children 's Interpersonal Perceptions And Judgements Essay

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Grayson Glover
Social Psychology
3 November 2016
Article Summary In this article, researchers are studying how positive and negative responses to social exclusion can be interrupted when superhero fantasies come to mind. The researchers test the findings of previous research that say exclusion can trigger negative changes to people’s interpersonal perceptions and judgements. The main theory of the article is that if rejection triggers behavioral changes meant to protect against danger, then making one feel physically safe may weaken responses to being rejected (Huang, Ackerman, Bargh 2013). Relevant variables include the scenarios participants were put in, and whether a participant was primed to be neutral or recall a memory of exclusion. The researchers that conducted these studies predicted to find connections between mental processes meant to manage physical and social outcomes, how much power mental simulation has on cross-domain effects, and a deeper understanding of offsetting responses to social exclusion.
Much prior research was used to base their theories. Previous research focused on the dangers of exclusion and protection against rejection. The findings discussed the importance of social interaction for adaptation and what creates rejection experiences.
The authors of the article conducted three studies. According to the methods section of the article, Study 1 randomly assigned fifty-four mTurk community members to a 3-level between- participants design…
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