Effects Of Social Media Bad Essay

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Is Social Media Bad? While analyzing the effects of social media, the negatives may outweigh the positives. The reason for this can be found right in front of our faces. Today’s society lacks the basic human social skills, and is unable to carry on a conversation without looking at their phones. Insecurity, addiction, and social skills all play an important role in the effects of social media. Those from the Millennial and Generation Z are commonly known as the age of introverts. These individuals grew up living on technology, causing them to be savvy with social media. These generations will soon be entering the job market, in which the rest of the world should be worried. Persons with the basic social skills needed for business will be…show more content…
This impression is corresponding directly to steenage and young adult insecurity. This type of behavior creates the viewers to become self-doubting, because they compare other’s highlights to their everyday life. On Facebook, people type long, exaggerated stories to see how many likes and shares they can get. On Twitter, people will post pictures with photoshopped body parts so they can feel like they meet society’s standard. Finally, on YouTube, since the internet can be anonymous, individuals will purposely say negative things about others to make themselves feel superior. An example of insecurity caused by social media would be Kim Kardashian. Millions of teenage girls follow her on Instagram, where she posts selfies, and pictures of her in bikinis and on runways. Although Kim Kardashian has acquired multiple body-altering surgeries such Rhinoplasties, Brazilian Lifts, breast implants, liposuction, hairline lifts and cheek fillers, teenagers still admire her appearance. Due to this hindrance, girls believe they are less of a person because they do not have the same body type as the celebrity. This creates unrealistic body expectations which teenagers think are achievable. It is disheartening that people wake up every morning thinking that they must be perfect to be happy. This idea was also mentioned by Alice Walton, a Forbes journalist, who stated “We fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others as we scroll through our feeds, and
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