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INTRODUCTION The purpose of this paper is to research all types of effects social media has on society, especially adolescent girls as that age group is mainly targeted. The role of media has changed drastically from when it first started to now. It was first created for the main purpose of communicating information. Although that is still true to this day, there are also other purposes for the media now. Media presents information through books, posters, the web and etc. One of the most popular forms of media today is social media. That includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others similar. Social media is a platform for one to display how we want others to view us. In some ways, this is a good thing because we are in full…show more content…
The culturalist theory also ties into this topic. This theory articulates that people connect with social media and create their own meaning based on the material; images, messages etc. they receive. Theorists highly emphasize that we, the audience, have control over what we see, how much we see and are able to mute(sound of the television, videos, etc.). It is said people interpret material based on one’s personal knowledge and experience. This explains why most people, for example, have different meanings to a book, song, television show, etc. Culturalist theory demonstrates how personal perspective plays a role in how we interpret certain things. PRIOR RESEARCH Males and females view the pursuit of beauty as important for females (Markey and Markey 2012). Eating disorders have increased between the early and mid-twentieth century as media began to emphasize thinness in women. Body dissatisfaction is common in over 50% of women and young girls (Grabe et al. 2008). There have been studies regarding the role of media in the causes of eating disorders among women. Ferguson, C. C., Muñoz, M., Garza, A., & Galindo, M. (2014) focused on whether media, such as television or social media, has a greater influence in precipitating eating disorders rather than peer influence. The experiment conducted consisted of 237 pre-adolescent and adolescent females between the ages of 10 to 17

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