Effects Of Social Media On Adolescents

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With the creation of computers, cell phones and other handheld devices, we have benefited from the information that can be accessed nearly anywhere. Some from as old as teens to young adults have been empowered by the ways to express themselves and interact with one another in the digital realm. Whether it be through social media, video games, or a forum for their favorite comic or character, one can talk about anything on the web. However, the way we interact with technology can also hurt us by distracting us from the real world. Despite its usefulness in today 's society, technology can cause for us to be distracted and form various bad habits.
Social media has interruptive effects on adolescents when to it comes to going on daily activities. For example, my girlfriend who uses social media to communicate with friends via YouTube and Skype. Normally she tends to work on comic voiceovers and even create her own comics. However, when it comes to going to bed a decent time that is its own story. She works on voiceovers and talks over how to accomplish it with help from her buddies but forgets what time it is she is done. Therefore she is groggy the next day from the lack of sleep as a result from staying up that night. Although this is a small example, this can be seen by many young adults using social media and other ways of communication. Additionally, it also brings lack of emotion when it comes to using text only chat. I could be trying to accomplish my homework one…
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