Effects Of Social Media On Employees

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Effects of Social Media Lately, there has been an uprising issue concerning prospective employees being required to provide the passwords to their social media accounts on job applications. The issue is causing lots of uproar for employers searching for employees. Many people seek jobs because they are in need of the income, so those people can’t afford to let their personal decisions and opinions affect their job opportunities. Yuki Noguchi the author of the article “Can’t Ask That? Some Job Interviewers Go To Social Media Instead,” held an interview with University of Illinois Professor Don Kluemper who talks about some of situations his students faced. “It puts the students in a bind, he says. They fear that not accepting the request…show more content…
There is no need to have access to a prospect employee’s personal life. People’s personal lives do not have anything to do with their jobs. What they do at home during their personal spare time is their business and nobody else’s. Most job applications nowadays already require social media usernames to be provided. If usernames are given on some job applications, then requiring passwords is not necessary. Employers can gain just enough information about their prospects through their usernames than they could their passwords. In the article “Social Media Use in Hiring: Assessing the Risks,” created by Jonathon Segal, he explains the amount of information that can be obtained just from a social media profile picture. Segal says, “from a candidate’s picture, an employer may learn his or her likely race, approximate age and more. People also commonly post personal information such as medical or family problems” (Segal, Jonathon). Once they have their passwords, then it allows access to personal information that employers do not need to see. Using social media to determine and find prospect employees is not ideal. The requiring of passwords can lead to discrimination. Social media passwords allow employers to profile their prospective employees. Profiling employees can cause an employer to change decisions towards their prospects, instead of treating everyone equal. “Research shows that employers are discriminating based on what they find on social
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