Effects Of Social Media On Female Body Image

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“When all you see is a body type that only two percent of the population has, it’s difficult to remember what’s real and what’s reasonable to expect of yourself and everyone else.” This was stated by Arielle Cutler, who studied the recent effects social media has on the female body image. Not only has media made women feel insecure about their bodies but it pinpoints exactly what bothers them. It could be weight, skin problems, height, and even a clothing style. The media sends subliminal messages into a female’s brain that makes them think they need to reach the expectations of what they read on the internet and in magazines or what they see on television (TV). The pressure a female is put under to become the “ideal woman” is detrimental to their health, not only physically but also mentally. The images of beauty are unrealistic and are constantly changing, making it hard to keep up with the latest body trend.
In reality, even the models and the people we look up to, the people who we are supposed to look like, struggle with their own self image: “Yes, they’re also victims of the media. I’ve worked with models whose names you’d know based on how popular they are, and they’ve had to lie in bed for 20 minutes in the morning repeating to themselves, “I am worthy to get up” because they think they’re ugly and they’re depressed and suicidal. Other people look at them and say, “Wow, they must have a good life,” but they have no idea what these women deal with everyday.”

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