Effects Of Social Media On Self-Esteem And Self Esteem

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Social media is the main source of today’s entertainment. Research suggests that it could be influencing our behaviours and self-esteems, there are studies on people with lower self-esteems and higher self-esteems and how social media influences these (Charles Steinfield, 2008).
The aim of this study is to explore the themes on how social media can cause or may influence self-esteem levels. Three participants took place in this study from Northumbria University in the North East of England. The age range was from 18-19 and they were a mixture of men and women, this ensured that participants weren’t all of the same gender and gave us a fair set of results. However, this only gives us a certain amount of validity due to the results only being from people at Northumbria University who were aged 18-19 and this cannot account for others for example those over the age of 19 who are not students. A thematic analysis showed our running themes throughout the three interviews that showed social media influencing their self-esteem, these were that ‘Self-portrayal’ and ‘Achievements’. There were similar trends found throughout all three interviews, and these were that all three participants spent at least up to 2 hours on social media a day. Another trend is that all three students don’t post frequently but when they do it is for attention. Findings have been discussed with previous literatures thought about suggests that influences of self-portrayal and others image is a big
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