Effects Of Social Media On Teens

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How Using Social Media Affects Teens The use of social media has been around for years and has a tremendous impact on the world and today's generation. The use of social media has changed the world and lives in different ways and affects people differently. People use the media for different things some examples are promoting businesses , clothes , makeup , anything really. As social media grows and exposes the world to different things this can cause negative outcomes , especially towards the teenagers. The phrases " sex sales" or the terms " body shaming" are very real and true. Nowadays social media praises the sex appeal the use of " public figures" on Instagram and Snapchat , Twitter etc . using bras and bralettes as tops and ripped jeans that tear all the way up to the inner thighs. A well as glorifying a specific body type as a message of this is what we are suppose to look like or you will not be accepted in society. Causing them to constantly feel the need to compare themselves and try their hardest to become something they are not. The media has such an impact on the lives of teenagers promoting anxiety and causing teens to fall into teenage depression. In Mayo Clinic's article Teen Depression , teen depression is described as "... a serious mental health problem that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in activities." When teens approach the depression stage it affects their school performance and attendance , family bonds , and
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