Effects Of Social Media On Young Adults

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Effects of Social Media on Young Adults
The purpose of this report is to investigate the effects that social media usage has on young adults. This paper will explore both the benefits and risks of using social media as a teenager.
With the use of social media being the number one way we communicate in today’s modern world, it has become such a worldwide phenomenon with people from all over the world using social media as a form of communication. Social media now overrides the way that people correspond. Research shows that people communicate via social media websites more than using their mobile phones. People of all ages use social media as a way of communicating with friends, family and even strangers all
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Facebook has become such a huge epidemic due to the way people can communicate with one and other through instant messaging and commenting too seeing photographs and uploading your personal information. Although there are many negative impacts that social media has on our youth’s lives; there continues to still be an uprising community of people who continue to use Facebook as their number one form of communication (Los Angles Times 2011).
Using social media regularly has been proven to cause many serious negative health affects; many teenagers start to form “Facebook Depression” this is caused by cyber bullying and being harassed online (O’Keefee & Pearson, 2011). Cyber bullying is defined as the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. (google.com) Suffering from a serious mental illness such as depression can lead to many teenagers becoming suicidal (Lewinsohn, Rohde & Seeley,2006). Facebook not only shows so much about an individual; such as sharing ones personal information about their where-about’s, who they are communicating with, and photos of themselves; young people in today’s society don’t feel the need to keep anything private as there is no education on the way
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