Effects Of Social Media On Young People

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How does Social Media affect Young People? Words like “Instagram”, “Twitter”, and “Snapchat” are some of the most used words in today’s generation. People are finding it harder and harder to hold a conversation without these terms slipping into their vocabulary, this is because Social Media has become a huge part of everyone life’s. Social media has taken this world by storm, but has seemed to target the minds and emotions of young people in the best and worst ways. The human brain was never designed to stare at a lit phone screen for 2-3 hours a day scrolling and scrolling until a person’s thumb cramps up; social media has caused just that. Adults preach until the sun goes down of how bad social media is for young people, and they might just be right. A study was done by Stuart Wolpert where students age 13-18 were placed in front of a screen and shown their social media posts with hundreds of likes. Wolpert states, “When the teens saw their own photos with a large number of likes, we saw activity across a wide variety of regions in the brain” (Wolpert). This is done multiple times a day within today’s young people, Wolpert goes on to explain that the brain can’t handle this amount of excitement in a span of a few hours, this causes headaches, burning of the eyes and much more. While the physical brain has a hard time handling the activity, the emotional affects caused by constant web surfing are just as harmful. “In 2011, doctors with the American Academy of Pediatrics
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