Effects Of Social Networking On Children And Adults

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Social networking sites are largely used all across the globe. Being more accessible and reasonable, people rely on these sources to stay connected with their kiths and kins. Today, social networking sites have become a bandwagon, turning all other sources of media obsolete, as they are easy on the pocketbook and give freedom of speech to express one’s views. But, think about the negative impacts which social networking sites impose on children and adults. As everything has pros and cons, so do these websites – they affect people from all walks of life as they are always at hand. Although we might not acknowledge the fact that they tend to affect our lifestyle, but they certainly do, directly or indirectly. This essay topic discusses the…show more content…
In addition to this, Ali also includes that people upload tons of personal information (like pictures on Facebook), which can easily be misused by others, landing them on deleterious ramifications like cyberbullying (Mwila). Thus, regardless, people should always make use of privacy settings in order to avoid threats from such stalkers. According to an online survey, it has been found that social networking sites are used to sexually solicit the underage youth. It is found that typically 10 to 15 years old using social networking sites faced unwanted sexual solicitation on the internet (Michele L. Ybarra). This survey clearly reveals the harmful impact of social networking sites on today’s youth. As the use of social networking is at upsurge, people are becoming more indolent. According to an article by Wiederhold and Brenda K, it has been found in the survey of hundred people that people are becoming more reliant on communicating with friends and family through technology and are neglecting to engage personally, uninhibited by phones and devices, even when actually in the presence of others (Wiederhold 157-157).Rather than putting an effort to know the people around or talk to them, they find it easier to stick to their cellular devices and be active on social sites.
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