Effects Of Socialization

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Socialization is defined as the “process by which individuals acquire thoughts, feelings, and behaviors “appropriate” to their positions in society,” (Rohall 149). Individuals experience socialization beginning the day they are born, and throughout most of their lives. It can occur through everyday observation and interaction at every stage of development, or it can occur more formally though education and mentors. Socialization is important to how individuals interact in society and it also plays a part in most aspects of social psychology. An important aspect of socialization is our agents of socialization. Agents of socialization are the groups in the individuals’ lives that are most influential in teaching the thoughts, feelings, and…show more content…
In a study titled “Racial Socialization and Racial Identity: African American Parents’ Messages about Race as Precursors to Identity,” Enrique Neblett looked at the patterns of racial socialization in a sample of 358 African American adolescents and identified 3 patterns of socialization experiences, High Positive, Moderate Positive, and Low Frequency (Neblett 189). The study found that a large portion of children reported that their parents highly emphasized on racial pride as well as taught them about racial barriers. The remaining children provided information that not all parents convey messages about race to their children. This shows that some individuals agents of socialization play a large role in their understanding of their race. In the study, they also state that African Americans awareness of race makes it possible for them to grapple with the significance of being African American (Neblett 189). The children that were categorized as having High Positive or Moderate Positive experiences with socialization are going to be more apt to understand their socialized position in society. This is important because “a strong ethnic identity is associated with greater psychological well-being,” (Rohall 153). Therefore, children, especially children from minority groups, who are socialized to have a strong identity and can understand the significance of being a specific race, are more
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