Effects Of Socioeconomics On Nutrition

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The Effect of Socioeconomics on Nutrition
Social influences have great impact on eating behavior. If I hang out with people who eat junk food, I am more likely to eat the same thing. If all my friends are vegan, I am more to likely to be vegan also. Another determinant that’s effects eating behavior is income. If I go the store and have little money, I will most likely avoid organic food that expires quickly. I’m mostly likely going to buy something that’s high in fat. In my opinion, socioeconomics class should be an indicator of who is at risk of low quality nutrition. Knowing who is at risk is important because it can prevent individuals from diseases and other health complications
Research Study 1:
In this study, researchers generated data to determine if social class foreshadowed diet quality.2 Researchers wanted to discover if limited economic resources correlated with low quality diets. Researchers believed a strong correlation would prove that the current strategies of health promotion are ineffective.2
The study involved two socioeconomic(SES) groups. Individuals with higher economic means were labeled higher(SES). Individuals with lower economic status were labeled Lower(SES).2 A graph was used to collect data. The researchers examined micronutrient, vitamin, macronutrient and energy intake. They also examined cost, food access, and environment.
The study found that social economic status does effect diet quality. It was discovered that the lower (SES)
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