Effects Of Sports Essay

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If you chose to play sports, is it really worth it? Playing sports, in my opinion, is worth it. A teenager plays to have fun, even try to get a scholarship to go to college for the sport they love, also playing teaches qualities you’ll need for the rest of your life, playing sports can improve your way of life by making a positive impact on your health such as weight, cardiorespiratory health, muscle and bones, and reduced risk of cancer. If you’re involved in a sport, does it have a positive or negative effect on you? Sports can leave a harmful effect on your body depending on what sport you play. Injuries during sports can be damaging to your life whenever you're an adult or even when you’re a child. Some sports like football, soccer,…show more content…
You become successful that way in anything you do, whether it be playing a sport, or when you are working at a job. The biggest thing is teamwork. You learn how to work with someone, whether you like that person or not because it doesn’t matter since you’re on a team together. This can help you when you get a job. This is what is taught during a sport. Cost is a big factor for kids not playing sports or why playing a sport is not worth it. If you are not trying to play sports at a collegiate level, then not playing a sport is not a hard decision. By not playing you can save money for when you do go to college. The Consumer Health News says, “The survey involved 666 American parents with at least one child in middle or high school. Responses revealed that one in four students from poor families did not participate in school programs in the 2015-2016 school year” (Consumer Health News, 3). This quote says lower income families usually do not participate in school sports. This is not a bad thing because they are able to say money for stuff they truly need. By not playing sports you and your family can save money for other things that are important. However, playing a sport can help a child succeed to the next level. College is expensive, with that being said, playing sports can get you a scholarship. It doesn’t matter if it is a full ride or partial scholarship, any amount of money can help a person. Playing
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