Effects Of Sports On Sports Performance

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The importance of vision in sports is a subject that triggers everyone’s awareness for the past couple years .In fact, with the increasing of people playing sports as a recreational activity or at a professional level, it is becoming more relevant than ever to stress the type of eye injuries that can happen while practicing a sport and the best way to protect ourselves. Whether it’s basketball, football, baseball or any type of sports human in general, is more exposed than ever to eye injuries. According to the book sport vision care for the enhancement of sports performance “ sports - related ocular injuries account for 33000 to 100000 of the estimated 2.4 million eye injuries that occur in the US annually” (Brumitt & Erickson, p. 139). Furthermore, eye injuries are the number cause of blindness and ocular morbidity in children (Brumitt & Erickson, p. 139). Traumatic eye injury, according to the sports-medical organization sports eye injuries remain the second most common cause of visual impairment, behind only cataracts. Moreover, every year, nearly 15 percent of the 2.5 million eye injuries in the United States occur during sporting activities. Of these injuries, 42,000 are severe enough to warrant an emergency department visit, and approximately 13,500 result in legal blindness (R.A., D., & TS, 2012). All those facts reunite prove that sports related ocular injuries should be a concern for everybody. This paper will focus on the diverse type of injuries that can…
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