Effects Of Sports Tourism

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Sports tourism depicts the act of traveling from one place to another such as a state or country. The purpose is to watch a sports game competition. The practice has not always been entirely widespread, but in the contemporary world, the number of people attending events that are happening outdoors has considerably augmented. The rate of travel has increased, and people engage in the act to participate in their favored events. The trend has thus increased the rate of traveling activities (Bull & Weed, 2012). The essay will analyze the potential effects of sports tourism and include the aspects of economic, social and environmental. It will further explain an integration of sustainability principles and conclude by giving a
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Additionally, it led to the creation of more employment opportunities. Some new facilities such as accommodation facilities were added hence employing more people. Employment opportunities were also observed at the airlines, travel agents and leisure sectors that are supported by tourists directly. For instance, the contribution of employment to travel and tourism was 8.8% of the total employment in 2014 which increased to 8.9% in 2015 representing an increase (Pedersen & Thibault, 2014). In London Olympic games, the rate of unemployment was reduced by 1.2% in early 2012 as a result of the tourists who went to the country to watch the games. They also obtained a high income due to the purchase of tickets by the visitors and utilization of other social amenities such as hotels.
Socially there was a loss of the local identity and values where the local communities had to change their festivals and religious rituals to conform to expectations of tourists. Authenticity loss was incurred due to the adjusting to the taste of tourists. Brazil and the UK also experienced a culture clash where the attitudes of the locals were affected. Visitors had to be welcomed through irritation, and potential antagonism and negative attitudes towards tourists also grew among the locals (Terrero, 2014).
Integration of Sustainability of Principles
Sustainable development depicts the
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