Effects Of Stimulants On The United States

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Some of the most commonly abused substances, that can cause serious psychological and physical side effects are stimulants. Substance abuse has been a problem in the United States and many other countries for a long time, stimulants are one of the biggest problems that the United States faces today. One specific drug that is abused is crack and crack cocaine. By examining the history of stimulants such as crack and crack cocaine, it 's connection to crime and violence will be revealed. Psychoactive drugs, such as stimulants have a lot to do with the alteration or manipulation of brain activity (Cherry, K., 2015). A good example of how stimulants can alter brain activity would be, after a person takes a drugs such is cocaine they may experience a feeling of elevated alertness temporarily. According toCherry, K. (2015), drugs that are classified as stimulants include: caffeine, narcotics, cocaine, amphetamines and prescription drugs. The most common legitimate use for stimulant that drugs, would be for ADHD. The most common illegal uses for stimulant drugs would be for sports, parties and college students (studying). Stimulants work by increasing the speed of the the messages going between the brain and the body by increasing the activity of the central nervous system Stimulant drugs are widely used very addictive, while some of these drugs are illegal many of them are not. The cost of drugs that are not considered to be legal are the stimulant prescription drugs.…
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