Effects Of Substance Abuse And Rehabilitation Essay

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Introduction Addiction treatment and rehabilitation has increased more dramatically and more broadly than many other social concerns. Addiction and the use of substances was once only seen as a deviant behavior and is approached from a more general understanding and acceptance than before when the treatment was typically punishment. Substance abuse is a social concern that has many areas that require many different approaches and often times several different theories applied at once. Social learning theory is one framework that assists a clinician to gain insights into addiction as a social concern that often begins in social interactions over the course of an individual’s life. A clinician would apply the social learning theory in hopes of gaining a better understanding of the interactions and how they can lead to prevention and rehabilitation. The prevention implication would be addressing the different social learning opportunities that one is exposed to as well as address the common interactions that can cause addiction and substance abuse. The rehabilitation implication would be addressing interactions and gaining more insight into how those interactions can affect an individual that suffers from substance abuse. The implications of applying this theory are that greater understanding of these interactions can lead to not only effective management and rehabilitation, but prevention by addressing the types of social learning and interaction that causes addiction and
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