Effects Of Technology And Media On Our Lives

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Effects of Technology and Media in our lives With the advancement in media and technology, almost anything is possible nowadays. Looking back a couple years ago, people did no have cellphones, computers or televisions to occupy and make their lives easier. With the development of these products and more, people are able to communicate and do work much faster and more efficiently. Society has come a long way with technology and media and to say that there are no negatives to them would be false because among the advancements we have made, there are many negative aspects that come with it. As media and technology increases in our everyday life, people become more dependent on technology, their mental and physical health can be affected and children mostly begin to fall behind in school. It is easy for someone to get addicted to something, and in today’s society, people can become addicted to anything, even social media. With media and technology always advancing, it is not a shock to hear that too much media and over use of electronics will affect your mental and physical wellbeing. There is a link that shows that watching too much television can cause an increase in childhood obesity. Along with this, there is also an increased risk of higher cholesterol levels in children. This does not just come from too much television; it is too much media in general. Abusing computers have been shown to cause this same result, along with social skills not developing
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