Effects Of Technology On Children 's Children Essay

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Angela Holthaus
Mrs. Swart
English III
10 November 2016
Overstimulation of Technology Causes ADHD in Children
Alderman states, “kids from eight to eighteen years of age spend seven and a half hours a day using entertainment media.” This startling fact means that out of only 24 hours in a day, nearly one third of that time is spent looking at a screen. With screen time becoming more prevalent, it is no surprise that there are effects on the human body. The rise of technology use and ADHD diagnosis correlate to conclude that overstimulation of technology causes ADHD in children.
First of all, there has been a drastic rise of technology use in children over the past decade. Screens are easily accessible, easily addicting, and television companies know how to catch a child’s eye, and have them staring at their show for hours. Children have access to technology all the time, making it easy to become hooked on screen time. Today, “68% of U.S. adults have a smartphone” (Anderson). Many adults are around children. More often than not, when children get bored, adults simply hand the phone over. Consequently, technology use is on the rise. “In 2013, almost fifty-seven percent of children, ages three to seventeen used the Internet at home, nearly six times as many as in 1997, which was eleven percent” (“Home Computer Access and Internet Use”). Children have easy access to screens.
Next, technology is easily addicting. As Alderman said, “Put a child in front of a video game and within…
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