Effects Of Technology On Education

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Is technology a horrible thing to use in the education environment? Some schoolboards would like to see their school’s test scores ranking increase each year. When the test score ranking increase, it will allow some new teachers and scholars to join their school district. Some parts of the world use technology to increase education. For example, some school districts have the highest score ranking in their state by using technology in the classroom. Technology has improved classroom instruction.
Some teachers will argue that technology is a lot more distracting to the students’ education. According to Michael J. Berry and Aubrey Westfall, authors of “Dial D for Distraction,” some scholars cannot keep their eyes off their technology
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It is an easier way for a teacher to give their students assignments without having to print it out. Also, students can access Canvas to get their assignment if they are sick. Secondly, students can be more efficient with time in the classroom. Thirdly, teachers’ grading speed will increase. For some teachers, it is stressful grading papers with twenty-one or more students per class. Few students like to get their graded assignment back the class meeting. Technology is the key to help move things along. Lastly, students can use technology to help them search for information about any topic. According to Judith Newman, author of “To Siri, With Love,” people like to go directly to their virtual assistants and search for their solution on the website. Some teachers will ask their students to go look it up, then get back with them with the answer. Technology is a powerful tool to use for gain knowledge.
Finally, technology allows teachers and students to communicate with each other. Communication between students and teachers can be more open and direct. For instance, some students having trouble speaking the English language, so students will bring an assistant like Cortana. Cortana is digital assistants. “The developers of intelligent assistants recognize their uses to those with speech and communication problems-- and some are thinking of new ways the assistants can help” (Newman). For instance, teachers can use digital
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