Effects Of Technology On Globalization

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Technology is defined as the application of human knowledge and resources to meet needs and solve problems. Since the dawn of history, technology has been an ever present part of human society. As the needs of society change, technology will continue to evolve in order to best suit those changes. Technology has definitely brought positive and negative implications for society, but how has technology affected the globalization of the economy and “flattening” of the world? There are four ways in which technology has affected the globalization of the economy. They include communication, business competition, warfare, and creation of jobs. The first way that technology has a “flattened the world is through communication. Cars and automobiles make it easier for citizens to travel long distances throughout their respective lands. The invention of the airplane in 1903 allowed for much quicker international travel, which consequently allowed countries to engage in warfare with other countries that they probably won’t have been able to prior to its invention. Inventions such as the telegraph and telephone allowed people to communicate across various cities, states, and countries in a matter of seconds instead long periods of time like they did in the past. According to Pew Research Center, about ninety-five percent of all Americans own a cellphone. Communication technology like the radio allowed people from across the world to listen to news from other areas of world in relative
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