Effects Of Technology On Our Lives

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We live in an age where technology is practically unavoidable if you live in a developed area. We don’t realize how much we really rely on technology in almost every facet of our lives. It’s a known fact that it is almost inevitable it will keep advancing, which is imperative to our development; but what about its social effects? There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that technology has definitely helped keep people in better contact than ever before, but the in-person interaction has actually had the adverse effect. Technology isn’t evil by any means, when in fact has been the staple to some families. Such as parents talking to their own brothers or sisters or parents over the phone. And not only do they speak on the phone, but they also message each other, or post comments on a post that the other person posted, all on Facebook. And that isn’t even the only way households experience this phenomena. Many families have children who go to college in different states, sometimes even more than half of the household. They would have no way of talking to each other and connecting if it weren’t for technology. In fact, “Some 73% report that on an average day they speak with a family member who doesn’t live in their house,” (“Families” 20). So it really has been the thing keeping families together, perhaps even more than it had when they actually lived here. Thinking back on a time when smartphones weren’t the norm, families seemed more focused on themselves than each other.
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