Effects Of Technology On Society 's Society

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Can you live a day without your phone, tablet, computer? Well you probably could, but it probably wouldn’t be enjoyable. Well, how about a day without bullying, depression, and impolite people? Now that is a day most would probably wish for. Society wants to have causes these wretched events, but doesn’t want to accept that what they want is the main cause of these issues; technology. The lack of interaction that has come along with technology is what is causing severe downfalls in today’s society. This lack of interaction is causing this fall due to its harm of social skills, its harm on people’s enjoyment of life, and its easy ignition of conflicts. Now, some people will argue that this lack of interaction actually has its benefits, which it does, but they are very small when in comparison to its harm on society. Some believe that small economic gains and gradual intellectual advantages that have come for this lack of interaction should top the horrendous amount of social harm. They believe that with this lack it becomes an opportunity for more technological jobs to arise, more developments in science and math fields, and for the opportunities to arise for people to become more intellectually educated. However, these gains can be broken down with the sanction that society cannot function properly and make these gains with technology bringing people down emotionally and physically. Others may also argue that technology makes peoples’ life better overall; however, in
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