Effects Of Teen Drug Abuse. Many Teenagers Across The Country

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Effects Of Teen Drug Abuse Many teenagers across the country experiment with drugs. While most of them only do it once or twice, other teenagers or young adults create lifelong addictions. There are many reasons why people try drugs, leaving a deadly and devastating effect on anyone unlucky enough to be the person using or be close to the person using. Drugs can cause teens to begin abusing, create health problems, get people in serious trouble, or even lead to death. As teenagers grow older, they are introduced to many new things. When they move out and begin life on their own it can be extremely hard having their life completely change, which can lead them to look for something they believe will make them feel better or help them cope…show more content…
If users do not receive hel the end result can be devastating. Long term effects of drugs severely damage the heart,lungs, mental health, judgment, and life. Another problem is the trouble teens and young adults get into.They steal to be able to pay for the drugs, become friends with people who encourage them to keep using and tearing their life apart, and end up incarcerated or facing charges. They can receive felonies, be removed from their families because he family does not know how to take care of them or even end up being killed because they make one small wrong decision. The drugs impair their judgement and ability to make good decisions. Not only is it illegal to have illegal to have the drug in the first place, they impair judgment which leads teens and young adults to make decisions that they would not make had they not had or needed the drug. Drugs can lead to death, “prescription painkillers, such as OxyContin and Vicodin, were responsible for more than half of all drug overdose deaths in 2013, accounting for 22,700 fatalities” (Health Day).There are multiple ways drugs can kill. They can cause

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