Effects Of Teen Pregnancy On Teens

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Every teen has dream about how they want to graduate from high school and then go to college, but some teens are not willing to take the challenge. Some of these teens want to drop out of high school and other teens want to keep furthering their education. For some there are obstacle that life throw at them to be able to accomplish their goals. Earning an education is challenging enough, but when there is a teen parent trying to finish their education it becomes more difficult than it would be for ordinary teens. Education has had many impacts on teen parents trying to reach their future goals. In early years of American history there were many things that happened and one of those things was when teen pregnancy rates declined. In…show more content…
The government has added “no regrets” to schools, which is a program to give advice to teens about sex education. The government has worked many ways to drop the rate of teenage pregnancy. In the 1996 the government “the U.S. congress enacted welfare reform legislation” funded a program line no regrets to promote “abstinence-only –until-marriage education” (Teenage) this is to help students in schools see that they should wait to be married to have sex. This program did reduce the rates of teenage pregnancies and until today many of these programs are in use today. There are government programs that have been helpful toward reducing teenage pregnancy, but some of the programs are actual schools that are based on helping the teen parents. As mentioned before “abstinence-only-until-marriage” (Teenage) is referred to today’s program “No Regrets.” This programs have been going on in Melba High School and it’s a program that has been around for a while. This programs teach students to wait until they are married to have sex, but the program also says that if you have sex before you get married you should protect yourself. You can protect yourself by using condoms and many more products out there that can help any teenager become a teenage parent. There aren’t just programs that can help
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