Effects Of Teen Pregnancy On Teens

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Every teen has dream about how they want to graduate from high school and then go to college, but some teens are not willing to take the challenge. Some of these teens want to drop out of high school and other teens want to keep furthering their education. For some there are obstacle that life throw at them to be able to accomplish their goals. Earning an education is challenging enough, but when there is a teen parent trying to finish their education it becomes more difficult than it would be for ordinary teens. Education has had many impacts on teen parents trying to reach their future goals. In early years of American history there were many things that happened and one of those things was when teen pregnancy rates declined. In earlier times the teenage pregnancy wasn’t a term that was even used, but as time came the term became more and more known. In the 1950’s when “teen childbearing has been generally on a long-term declined in the United States” (Smith), the rates were down, the United States compared to other industrial countries the rates were the highest. The rates of teenage pregnancies have been like a roller coaster they go up and down. An example would be in the 1980’s the rates of teenage pregnancies declined by a lot. Then in the 1990’s the rate “increased nearly twenty percent” (MMWR) and later in the years when President Clinton was in office he stated “our most serious social problem” (the history) was teenage pregnancy. Since then this issue has been a

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