Essay On Teenage Parents

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Children of Teenage Parents

Children of Teenage Parents

Asia Leon

Professor Shawna Lee

EAD 502 AA

Children with Challenging Behaviours

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Children of Teenage Parents

The topic that was researched is the effects on children born to teenage parents. This topic will be explained and evaluated by examining how support plays a role in the wellbeing of the child and mother. Many would say that having a child is a blessing, but not when you have a child at a young age. Teen pregnancy/motherhood have been greatly seen as an issue in society.
“Research suggests that many associate teen mothers with welfare dependency, irresponsibility, stupidity, ignorance, laziness, child abuse,
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These themes will be explained and support will be examined to see the effects on children born to teenage parents.
Research have shown that childbearing during the teen years is a both a result and cause of poverty (Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy [SCAA], 2008). The SCAA states that the same complicated set of socio- economic factors that puts teenagers at risk of child- bearing also contributes to the reality that teen parents continue to live in poverty (2008). According to research, “A greater proportion of young women who are poor become sexually active as adolescents, do not use a contraceptive method at first intercourse and give birth by age 20” (SCAA, 2008). The poverty rate for children born to teen mothers are high. These teenage mothers usually have less education and barely any support. They don’t allow their children to be involved in early learning, rather they use parental care or other noncentre care which lowered school readiness (Mollborn & Blalock, 2012). In another study presented, teen mothers who have support and are educated on child development tend to engage their children in centre care (Mollborn & Blalock, 2012). The research states that child care is an important arena of socialization that affects children’s development, thus many poor children and children who are members of racial/ethnic minority groups, two categories into which teen parents’ children disproportionately fall, benefit more from
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