Effects Of Television Violence On Children

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Effect of Television Violence Program on Children
Now more and more violence television shows appear on the screen. A lot of television shows will remind that is available for certain range of audience. Of course, elementary school student, mostly watch cartoon. However, the television production people will add violence into the show. This study aimed to demonstrate the gender-specific impact of violence-oriented television cartoons for children, and to identify the behaviors demonstrating this influence. What would affect on children were the violence action produce on the television screen every day. For example, there are many common programs, like movie, drama, news, and movie video, they broadcast killing, thinking bad ideas, seeing the real chaos world, and saying the curse words.
Children would be imitating violence by watching television programs, it is called “SpongeBob effect”. University of Virginia psychologists found that fast-paced, fantastical television shows may impart a negative effect immediately after watching the show on the learning and behavior of young children. (University of Virginia institutional review board)
"It 's fast-paced and it 's fantastical. So the child is needing to process all this new stuff really, really fast, and it 's difficult to process since it doesn 't really happen in real life."( Lillard 's study)
Children watch a great deal of television, and it has been associated with long-term attention problems. However, there is…
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