Effects Of The Black Death In Europe

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The Black Death, according to Joseph P Byrne, was “a deadly epidemic that spread across Asia and Europe beginning in mid 1300’s.” It did not take long for the plague to make a big impact on the world. “By the spring of 1348, the Black Death, also known as Black Plague, spread to france, The Alberium Peninsula, and England, following trade routes and hitting big cities first before spreading to the countryside,” states Gail Cengage. In the 19th century, Europe was devastatingly hit with this epidemic that affected them greatly then and now. The Black Death in Europe affected 19th centuries economics, population, and literature. Its effect on Europe is an interesting topic that shaped history and our lives today. This topic is widely covered as Molly Edmonds writes her findings from other sources. These sources will be used to describe the effect the Black Death had on Europe.
Throughout the 19th century the Black Death affected literature greatly, literature in Europe around the 19th century included some small or big detail about the Black Death. One famous work made to represent the Black Death is the nursery rhyme Ring Around The Rosie. In an article by David Mikkelson, he states, “Children were apparently reciting this plague-inspired nursery rhyme for over six hundred years before someone finally figured what they were talking about.” This big finding changed the way people looked at the nursery rhyme. For example, David evaluated part of the main words “Ring around
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