Effects Of The Civil War On The United States

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The United States of America following the Civil War was one that would be entrenched into the culture of the country for the remainder of its existence. While there are no survivors from the war or the time still living, we still see the effects of the war waning on the country. If not today, then definitely through the civil rights movement, but I digress. The Reconstruction Era in the United States followed the Civil War after the defeat of the Confederate States of America by the United States of America, or what we mostly call the Union. This was a time of healing within our country, however, many didn’t see it that way. Freed African American slaves were those most affected by this Union victory. While they were free within the terms of the law, they still weren’t able to do the things that some hoped. Southern whites caused much of the trouble for the freed slaves, as we’ll discuss later, they felt this was a way for the northerners to ‘rub it in’ the faces of those formers slave holders. Race was big deal in the South following the Civil War, ranging from Texas all the way over to Virginia. What we’ll be focusing on are the conflicting ideals of the freed slaves and the Southern whites within East Texas and Northwestern Louisiana. Racial ties following the Civil War caused a troubling and crime ridden environment for the freed African American slaves in East Texas and Northwestern Louisiana. Mentioning of the Freedman’s Bureau’s role within the years following the
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