Effects Of The Criminalization Of Alcohol On America During The 1920s

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Introduction This essay aims to show that if alcohol is legal, cannabis should be also. To do so I will compare the effects both substances have on the health of their users. I will then examine how much scientific evidence has been used when criminalizing marijuana and whether that evidence is still applicable today. Finally, I will analyze the effects of the criminalization of alcohol in America during the 1920s. I will use this case to show that the misguided prohibition of alcohol is comparable to the current marijuana laws. Though the situation was in a different social setting (and I will go over that as well), I will endeavor to show that, in the same was as it was in 1933, legalization not only provides a healthier lifestyle for users, but also breaks down the criminal organizations that profit from it. Existing Laws in the UK The current drug laws that are in effect in the UK are those set forth in the Drugs Misuse Act of 1971. The act separates illegal drugs into A, B and C classes; A being the most harmful drugs and therefore the most heavily penalised, and C being the least. Marijuana is currently qualified as a class C drug, after it was advised by Proffesor Sir Michael Rawlins, Chairman of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, to be reduced from class B in 2002. The report contained a re-examination of the health and social risks of the drug, and within the cover letter states “The council believes that the current classification of cannabis is

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