Effects Of The Dust Bowl On The United States And The Eastern Europe

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Teaching environmental responsibility is an important aspect of students’ education. The lesson will focus on studying the consequences of the Dust Bowl and the Chernobyl Disaster on the U.S. and the Eastern Europe. Discovering reasons and analyzing impacts of these catastrophic disasters will help raise students’ awareness and understanding of the importance of making responsible environmental decisions. By instilling in students environmental awareness, the lesson also contributes to building lifelong habits and developing necessary skills which will allow students to make informed decisions and consequently responsible choices. Such choices have a positive impact on a community, society, nation and potentially the world. V. Objectives and Assessment Plans Objective #1 Students will analyze the impacts of the Dust Bowl on the United States and compare it to the Chernobyl Disaster and its consequences on Eastern Europe. State Standards SS.G.3.5 Analyze the effects of specific catastrophic and environmental events as well as technological developments that have impacted our nation and compare to other places National Standards D2.Geo.12.3-5. Explain how natural and human-made catastrophic events in one place affect people living in other places. Assessment Plan for Objective #1 Students will fill out graphic organizers with the information from the mentor texts. Then, they will orally share their notes and thoughts on the effects and consequences of the Dust Bowl and
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